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We thank you for visiting our website, your privacy is our main priority, with this in mind we would like for you to understand how your information is collected as well as why it is collected. We have therefore developed this policy in simple terms as outlined below and ask you to be mindful that this is subject to change. However you will be notified if this event should occur.

  • Information is collected at the time of purchase of an item or items, however we may use other methods such as surveys, questionnaires or any other information collecting method.
  • Information collected will be used to personalize the customer experience and to fulfil order requests when purchases are made via our website and for other comparable purposes within the limits of your privacy.
  • We will not disclose your information to third parties at any point in time without first seeking your permission unless in the case of some unusual event where we are bound to do so by the Laws of Barbados.
  • On utilizing our website, you should enter whatever data may be required as accurately as possible. We request that you do not use fictional names or aliases. At some point we may need to contact you, therefore we do require active mobile and landline numbers. In the event of a change in any of the information provided during your purchase, please feel free to provide an update via the website or send us an email regarding these changes.
  • As one of our customers/visitors, please feel free to engage us about our practices regarding the handling and management of any information collected.
  • We guarantee all necessary precautions will be taken to prevent the misuse, disclosure, re-production or illegal dissemination of your personal information. If in the unlikely event your information is inadvertently shared, you will be notified immediately via email or by phone once we have confirmed that this is indeed the case.
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